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As we have entered the New Year many of us homeowners are planning to invest into property renovations. The bathroom is one of the top first home improvements that people make. The bathroom is a space that we spend a lot of our time in, this is why its nice having a relaxing space with luxurious surroundings.

When anyone is thinking about getting a new bathroom it is crucial that time is spent planning and getting the right design. Your bathroom should be a compliment to the rest of the surroundings in your home. Sometimes its easier to visualize your perfect bathroom design if you have the right inspiration.

Every year like any type of home decor new trends and designs come into fashion. So we have taken a look into what bathroom designs we think are going to be hot this year (2016).

Bring that summer holiday beach feel to your bathroom

The bathroom is all based around the water. Where is most of the worlds water? In the sea!

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Many people for years have designed their bathrooms around the sea and the beach, simply because of the correlation (no pun intended) between the water flowing from the taps and shower and the sea.

A great way to add the special decorative touches to your bathroom that will make it stand out from the rest is to collect things from your next holiday to trip to the beach. Something as simple as some seashells or rocks that you pick up on the beach can become a great focal point in your bathroom. If you are feeling a little more adventurous then maybe try finding some driftwood and turning it into a set of shelves.

Tile your bathroom like the Romans

The Romans are known by all for their great love of bathrooms and bath houses. Like today in the modern wold they saw the importance of keeping clean and relaxing aspect of bathing.

The Romans where known for their great Mosaic tiled designs. For hundreds of years people have been using Mosaic tile designs in bathrooms and this is a design trend that is not dying out.

Using the correct type, shade and colour of tiles and of course the perfect mosaic design can really make a bathroom special. Mosaic designs within the bathroom decor will add a luxurious feel. I think this year will see some of the older mosaic designs come through that will include bursts of colour and curves.

Who wants a door in the way?

Open showers have been trending in the bathroom design world for years. But up until a year or so ago they were a lot more expensive that the standard shower enclosures with a hinged door.

These days open showers are just as affordable and standard shower enclosures. Allowing you to create a relaxing atmosphere as if you were in a spa when in your bathroom.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Rain shower heads are HOT right now. There is just a really special feeling walking into an open shower of hot water coming from a rain shower head. This is the type of shower you expect if you are staying in a luxurious 5-star hotel, but these days you could have this type of shower in your own bathroom for a surprisingly affordable price.

Remember the old KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) saying

Simples and minimalist designs have been trending for at least the 20 years. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces always looks good no matter where you place them. This year I think a lot of clean plain white designs will be used, but this is something that has been used for many years. I also think that many darker minimalist bathroom designs will break through, using shades of grey and even blacks.

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