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Effective Fleet Management Solutions For Public Works

Effective Fleet Management Solutions for Public Works


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Firms that work with equipment for putting up and restoring roads and bridges typically encounter challenges when it comes to developing and following fleet management solutions. The variety of units and the diversity of locations call for different sets of management approaches to stop any difficulty from arising. This is when the use of software application specific for these types of demands becomes important. It has features that are able to offer solutions to most fleet management issues.

With this program, you can create preventive maintenance (PM) process, which you can track regularly and which can help avoid downtime. Most companies like yours detest work disturbance because this causes late delivery of service, dissatisfaction of clients, negative company reputation and loss or reduction of earnings.


You can set frequent inspection and servicing for each of the equipment; hence, you can track down which of the vehicles or devices are operating well and which ones have been through a lot of repairs. You can then figure out which ones are still operational and which units are no longer suitable for various operations. Keeping track of licensing information and warranty expirations are a breeze as well if you comply with reliable fleet management solutions.

You can categorize maintenance information by date, fuel, miles or kilometers, hours and others to allow efficiency of data. The technique will give you reports so you can easily keep track of PMs. Reports come from single or multiple locations and notification cards. They also operate as alarms as they transmit to you which PMs are due in specific number of days. Work orders come with PMs so you can effortlessly assign and schedule people responsible for specific kinds of jobs.

Successful management approach does not only function for PM or preventive maintenance. It also permits parts inventory, which is also the concern of most businesses in this industry. They normally confront loss of parts and nobody among employees can uncover them and this usually happens at the time they most need them. With this characteristic, you can keep an eye on equipment accessories. You can avoid tensions every time you require a particular part and it is lost. The software can assist you in master part numbering, unlimited cross-referencing, cost markup for each part, consignment pieces, warranty tracking, vendor monitoring and several more. Truly, life of auditors and businessmen become easier through adaptable processes.

Fleet administration likewise requires cost accounting for every automotive or device. As mentioned earlier, you can track down equipment that has been experiencing repairs and resulting in work delays. All these make a company like yours to sustain unnecessary expenses and how much? You will realize as you examine the system for fleet management solutions. Common reports are divided into several sections: repair cost, fuel usage, fixed charge and others. You can gather the data you demand in only a few seconds. You do not have to ask your secretary to do this for you for the reason that system is already available in your laptop or computer. You do not have to go through bulk of paper documents because the reports are sent to you electronically.

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