How Technology Is Quickly Disrupting The Insurance Industry?}

How Technology Is Quickly Disrupting The Insurance Industry?


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How Technology Is Quickly Disrupting The Insurance Industry?

We are still in the 21st century, but the real world is quickly stepping forward into the realm of science fiction, drones, wearable devices, driverless cars and many more. Along with this advancement, many industries are adapting new technologies and trends.

Now it’s turn for the insurance industry, this industry has adapted many advanced technology like mobility, big data, cloud technology and many more to fulfill the customer requirements as well as to provide best service for them. These technologies have changed the face of insurance industry and the way of communicating with the clients as well with co-workers.

In this whole write-up we shall discuss how technology is quickly disrupting the insurance industry.

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1.Hi-Tech Touch for Communication

As communication technology is growing rapidly, people are quite excited to rely on new technologies. In this technical world, it’s more important to stay up-to-date with the new technologies in order to communicate with the customers via social media, instant messaging applications, Skype and many others.

To stay connected with the customers it’s best to communicate with them frequently and update them about new policies, premium plans and terms & conditions. No matter whether you are communicating with your customers or colleagues, it should be an effective way to engage with them.

2.Adapting New Tech Tools

Insurance advisors need to adapt with the new tech tools and they have to change their working style and new ways to approach customers. As technology is growing day by day, advisors must learn to adapt new emerging trends like mobile apps, internet of things, wearable devices and many more. To stay competitive in this business, advisors have to come-up with new innovation, advanced skill set and adapting new environment in their work place.

3.Wearable technology

Wearable technology is the new trend in the insurance industry, more than 63% of insurers already using wearables to engage with their customers. This technology is mainly used in health insurance and vehicle insurance policies. There are many wearable devices such as Fitness band, it can be used to monitor customer’s health issues and embedded devices in car for safe driving. So this is one of the main reasons for insurers to adopt digital technologies.

4.Adapting Cloud Technology

This technology offers flexibility to combine all customer’s information in one system. With the centralized database, insurers can access information from any system. This process saves insurers time as well as it improves efficiency.

The integration of all data in one server helps the insurers to easily understand the pricing policies, premium plan and detailed information of many customers. For example, one of the American insurers utilized cloud technology to offer low cost life insurance policies to customer directly by removing all complexity and risk assessments.

5.Social Media Expertise

Social media creates a wide space for business to develop closer relationship with their customers as well as with their co-workers. The usage of social media platform has become simpler by smartphones and it’s widely used to build network with the new people and business partners. With the help of this platform insurers can easily track their customer’s events, updates and many other things.

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Insurance industry has adapted technology to fulfill customer requirements. Here we shall discuss how technology is quickly disrupting the insurance industry.


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