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Outdoor Tiki Torches Always A Fun And Enjoyable Addition To Any Home Or Party

Submitted by: Hiren K Modi

Today tiki torches are made of almost anything: glass, ceramic, copper, brass,

steel, and of course, bamboo. Your preference will depend on your personal taste

and your garden or patio decor. But how do you narrow down the choices?

The flames on the tiki torch dance in the warm, evening breeze while the thick,

ich scent of island flowers fills the night air and gentle sounds of quiet waves

lap the beach. Ahhhh .. . paradise! And what would paradise be without tiki torches? They just go together so well. A backyard garden or deck wouldn t be complete without at least one tiki torch! Maybe because they ve been around so long .

Your outdoor gatherings will never be the same after you set up these six 6 ft tall tiki torches and create some beautiful atmosphere. Snuffer caps and powder coated garden poles are included with all garden tiki torches. Easy fill container uses standard lamp oil or citronella torch oil to repel insects. Each outdoor garden tiki torch comes complete with fiberglass wick that will last a lifetime. Light up your outdoor party area by combining this 72 inch ground tiki torch with our other garden items.

* Mosaic Tiles are Classic Mother of Pearl


* Mosaic Can Height is 7 Inch

* Holds 30 oz oil

* Burns for 10-12 hours

* Long lasting fiber glass wick

* Includes Snuffe

* Powder Coated for durability

* Tested in Lab for quality assurance

* 72″ Knock down torches

* Shepherd hook at the bottom for easy ground insertion

Not so long ago tiki torches were still the primary source of light on many

islands. They were constructed of bamboo and fueled with oil. Today, though, tiki torches are made of many different types of materials and even the fuels are varied. Want to know more? Just keep following along!

A great yard is like a fabulously decorated home. Backyard Bargain offers wide collection of outdoor tiki torches for your backyard in summer nights! You can select from various mosaic tiki torches, copper tiki torches, black tiki torches or glass tiki torches. Backyard Bargain suggests set of 6 outdoor tiki torches to decorate your garden with this tremendous tiki torches especially when you are having guests over for a garden party.

First decide what style you want. For example, if your tastes are more eclectic or art deco, you might appreciate ceramic tiki torches, usually very colorful. In

fact, they can become your focal point instead of just a subtle side light. Since

ceramic is breakable you ll have to be more careful when cleaning and storing these tiki torches. Another decision: do you want the traditional in-ground variety, table top, floor standing, deck rail attachments or .. . ? Yes, tiki torches have come a long way!

What about fuel sources? Some tiki torches are now battery-operated and have no flame. These torches can be used indoors and outdoors as well. This is an especially intelligent choice when you have a lot of children around, and they look so real it s hard to tell the difference! And now another choice just in time for the energy crisis you can get a solar tiki torch! Oh, but you re feeling a little exotic? Want to run around your own little patch of jungle and sing like Tarzan? Sounds like you ll want the traditional favorite: the bamboo tiki torch. They re the original tiki torch and the most authentic .. . you ll be beating your chest in no time! All tiki torches are easy to maintain and store. To clean a bamboo tiki torch you just need mild soap, water, and a rag. When storing your tiki torches, stand them upright if you don t drain the fuel. You can lay the torches on their sides if you drain and store the fuel separately, but make sure to lay them on tarps or other plastic to prevent scratches to the torches.

Tiki torches are always a fun and entertaining addition to any home or party.

They re always ready for whatever mood you re in. Kind of like a really good

friend, someone you can just be yourself with .. . while you re beating your chest

and swinging from trees, of course!

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