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Pre Requisite To Be A Business Analyst}

Submitted by: Amrutha Ds

To become a Business Analyst, there is no rule that the person to have specific knowledge on that domain itself, Rather person who have done his or her bachelors and having technical background or might have been worked as programmer or any engineer can become a BA. Apart from these the person who is interested to be a Business Analyst can move from their actual business Role to BA provided upon having extensive domain knowledge.

These individuals are not specific to only IT related projects but, can more often he or she is been into marketing and Financial Service related tasks.

There is a program called International Institute of Business Analysis which offers a Business Analyst certification. This certification also called as Certified Business Analyst Professional.

BA’s must have following skills like must be familiar with Unified Model Language, Workshop easing, Good Consultant and not the least must have good Communication skills.

These BA are responsible to conduct meeting and also to contact the client and collect the requirements specific.

To acquire more knowledge about BA, can read out the below listed Books,

* Client-focused products by Ivy F. Hooks and Kristin A. Farry.

* Unified Model Language for the IT Business Analyst: Practical Guide-Oriented Requirements Gathering by Howard Podeswa to Object.

* Author effective use Cases by Alistair Cockburn.

* Discover Real Business Requirements for Software Project Success by Robin F. Goldsmith.

* Business Modeling with Unified Model Language by Eriksson

* Software Requirements, part II by Karl E.

* Wingers Bass works in various industries such as finance, Banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, software services, and so on.

They provide very high level abstraction details of the project to the teams to develop and test. For Example in Telecom Industry, the functional areas has been mapped with Telecommunication Operation Map.

BA, mostly involved in all the roles like project scaling, panning, strategy and documentation. They are not defined a regular role.

The roles and responsibility of the System Analyst varies form company to company.

Thus, BA is responsible for analyzing the business needs of their clients and stakeholders to identify business problems and propose solutions. They must have a Technical Background, and possess a computer degree or should have worked as a Programmer or Engineer technically. Business Analyst must be good or expert at the proposed subject matter as well as should have analytical skills which matter a lot to be a Business System Analyst.

The BA must be sure that the project scope is clear and complete before the start of detailed requirements gathering. The BA may be given the scope pre-defined by the project sponsor or may be responsible for defining and documenting the scope as part of the requirements gathering task.

In addition, a complete project scope will name and define all the stakeholders that will be involved with the project, including people, systems, internal departments, and external organizations.

Defining and documenting the project scope requires the BA to understand why the project has been initiated, and the objectives of the project. An important contribution of the BA to the project is the analyzing of the business problem without “jumping” to a solution.

So, all the details regarding to be a Business Analyst, functionalities of business analyst, methodologies of business analyst will be specified in testing interview questions.

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