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Promoting Your Business To Business Marketing Event : Top Tips

By Mac H McIntosh

Depending on what type of event you’ll be hosting, the copy’s style and message is what ultimately prompts people to sign up for it. Without a good writer on staff at your business, you may consider hiring a freelancer, as putting investment in the appropriate style and tone can pay off in the number of attendees.

Doesn’t Work:

** Thinking the intended audience will see why the event is important although writing fails to convey the reason.

** Spelling mistakes or broken links on the Web. These kinds of mistakes discredit the event.

Attendees arrive expecting a great reason for them to spend their time, attention and resources to a particular event. It’s even more important to highlight the offerings of the particular event instead of the company that throws it. The take home benefits of attending should be right up front, whether materials, agenda items or certificates.

Does Work:

** Plenty of lead time allowed before the event start date.


** Executives and technically-minded staff booked well in advance.

** Promoting in ample time, neither too early nor too late.

** Marketing campaign integrated between post, e-mail, telephone and Web-based outreach.

** Series of three contacts, from the date announcement, to the two-weeks in counting, and final reminder messages.

** Last contact by telephone, adding the personal element of someone willing to explain the logistics of attending.

Choosing a place for your event to take place is key. The geographic location should be within an hour from the start location of your guests, and if sent to an unfamiliar place with difficult driving or parking, they could very well be annoyed or distracted upon arrival. By providing simple and accurate driving directions which you have prepared and tested yourself will take out the frustrations of guesswork. Really, in many cases the simplicity of parking in the area holds great importance, and securing parking in advance for your guests is a great incentive.

Differing types of target audiences respond to different time spots; plan accordingly for the success of your event. For example, executive staff time is often quite restricted – most won’t be able to stay for an entire day-long event. A quick executive breakfast may be a better idea. Similarly, staff from technical departments may prefer an immersive conference-type agenda, to reach a greater level of detail. Consider the schedules and needs of your target audience.

Streaming Events

Perhaps you’re interested in media capture and broadcast of the event to an audience online – it could be from an existing geographic event or a studio event. These technical and Web-based events call for as much preparation and planning as regular events.

Doesn’t Work:

** You plan to use technology which is untested and low budget.

** Bad audio or video quality.

** Has a running time of over an hour.

What Works:

** First 3/4: Lecture; Last 1/4: Q&A.

** Content and speaker are engaging.

** Archiving the event so it can be viewed online afterward.

Events are an excellent way to nurture sales leads and take potential customers along to higher stages in the purchasing cycle. Plan and promote your event well for best success.

About the Author: M. H. “Mac” McIntosh is described by many as one of America’s leading B2B marketing and sales consultants and an expert on sales leads. Put Mac to work for you as a marketing speaker or for business-to-business marketing consulting. Sign up for his business marketing newsletter– FREE!


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