Business Phone Systems

Small Business Phone Systems Reach New Business Heights

Reach new business heights with efficient an innovative small business phone systems! A hosted VoIP system is the ideal choice for your small or medium scale business. PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a telephone exchange that serves industries and offices. Small businesses often have a limited capital for investment. A virtual PBX system can be purchased at affordable cost and features low operational cost. The services of a virtual IP system are provided through a hosted server and it can be easily maintained as well. Communication between the staffs of a company or between a customer and a company representative is a basic requirement for the proper running of a company. The growth of a company depends on the relationship between customers and the company. The facilities provided by a virtual VoIP system can effectively improve the relations between customers and the company. Through a hosted PBX phone system all departments and staffs of a company can be accessed through a single number. The auto attendant feature in a PBX system avoids the need of a telephone operator for routing a call to an extension. Thus the money that would have been spent on a telephone operator is saved. Custom settings can be provided in the PBX phone system to greet customers when calls are received. Customers can easily access a required person of the company. This creates a good image about the company in the minds of the customers. The toll free numbers and local numbers provided by PBX encourage customers to contact companies. Local numbers give an impression of the physical presence of the company in a city even when it is not the case. Local numbers are provided in many of the cities. All these extensions can be tied to a single line. This facility is useful to unite team members of companies who are working in different geographic locations. Fax service incorporated in these phone systems offers quick response to callers. Through the automatic call distribution facility, calls are evenly distributed to employees of a department. The auto attendant feature in small business phone systems facilitates the provision of recorded information to frequently asked questions of customers. Calls can be redirected when an employee is not available. Voice messaging feature is also available. Even if a customer is unable to talk to a person, voicemail can be sent. PBX phone systems are customizable according to the requirements of the business. All these facilities can be achieved within the budget of a small business firm.

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