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Tips For Investing In Cash Notes For Sale

By Simon Volkov

Cash notes for sale are investment products which are collateralized with real property such as business equipment or real estate. There are a wide range of cash flow notes, but some of the most popular include: seller carry back trust deeds, real estate notes and land contracts, business notes, and structured settlement annuities.

Cash flow notes for sale are usually a safe and profitable investment, but investors must conduct due diligence and fully understand the process to maximize return on investment. After investors buy cash notes they can generate profits by reselling the note for profit or retaining the note to collect revenue.

Business notes can be bought to help company owners broaden their business or to supply owner will carry financing to a new owner. They can also be used to help company owners acquire venture capital through purchase order funding, factoring, or seller carry back trust deeds.

Owner will carry financing can be offered to help the owner attract buyers that have sufficient money to invest in the business, but don’t have the credit rating to qualify for bank financing. With this technique, owners act as the bank to provide needed funds or they can carry back a portion of the loan and require the new owner to obtain a bank loan for the balance.

Most of the time, owners only supply partial financing. They can then sell all or part of the seller carry back trust deed to another investor or collect payments with interest to generate positive cash flow.


Factoring is a strategy used by business owners to acquire cash by using future accounts receivable as collateral. Receivables are sold to a funding source known as the Factor. Factors can be comprised of financial institutions, private investors, or investment groups.

This strategy can also be used for selling purchase orders. Owners can sell future purchase orders to a Factor in exchange for lump sum cash. Factoring is nearly risk-free as long as receivables and purchase orders are backed by creditworthy customers.

Real estate notes and land contracts can be sold to investors for upfront cash. Notes can be sold in whole or part. When selling partial notes, the note holder is required to assign payment rights to the funding source, but will retain their rights of ownership. Once note holders pay off the cash advance payment rights return to the note holder.

Seller carry back trust deeds are one of the most well-liked investment products. Much like owner will carry agreements, property owners’ supply financing to buyers for a few years. On average, seller carry back financing extends for 2 to 5 years. This allows buyers with bad credit to rebuild or establish a good credit rating. When the contract reaches maturity date, buyers have to acquire financing to pay off the outstanding balance.

It’s advisable to work with a real estate lawyer when investing in real estate notes and land contracts. Lawyers can review contracts to ensure they abide by state laws, as well as draft seller carry back trust deeds and file real estate transfers through the court.

Structured settlement annuities require Annuitants to assign payment rights to a funding source in exchange for lump sum cash. Annuity payments are backed by life insurance companies. Structured settlements are setup to provide monetary compensation to individuals that won personal injury lawsuits. This form of payment is also used to payout jackpot lottery winnings.

Annuitants can sell their structured settlement in whole or part, if their state allows this type of transaction. There are only a handful of states that let Annuitants sell future payments. Nearly all require Annuitants to obtain court authorization to sell annuities. Investors that buy structured settlement annuity payments must comply with state laws, so it is best to work with a structured settlement broker.

Cash notes for sale can be a good investment choice as long as investors conduct sufficient due diligence and obtain legal advice. Investors need to thoroughly investigate every cash flow investment product to reduce financial risks and increase profit margins.

About the Author: Simon Volkov is a private investor residing in Orange County California. He specializes in buying cash notes for sale and offers an extensive investing library to help other investors learn about available opportunities. Learn more ways to expand financial portfolios at


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