Plastic Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery


Browlift surgery, Dallas Tx is used to correct the sagging skin of the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids. Many people will accompany browlift surgery with a facelift.

How it Works

The brow lift procedure is sometimes referred to as a forehead lift. The procedure will reposition sagging brows and remove the wrinkles and creases across the forehead and around the eyebrow area.


Patients will be given general anesthesia. During the brow lift surgery, tiny incisions are made around the hairline that will go from ear to ear at the top of your head. The surgeon will then lift the skin and muscles of the forehead and remove any excess fat or skin. The skin is then repositioned into the new spot.

Browlift incisions can be closed with adhesives, sutures, clips, or surgical tape.

Browlift, Dallas Tx, surgery can be performed by itself or in conjunction with a facelift or rhinoplasty or other cosmetic procedure.


The recovery period for a browlift can last one to two weeks or more. Throughout the recovery period, your forehead may be taped or loosely wrapped to reduce the swelling and bruising. A thin tube could be used to drain any excess fluid which could gather under the skin.

The forehead and scalp may feel tight or hot. Pain relievers will help.

The results will appear gradually as the swelling and bruising goes down. The smoother forehead skin and a more youthful appearance will start to reveal itself after several weeks.


All surgeries have a degree of risks and complications. This includes a forehead lift. Serious complications, however, are rare. Other risks related to the procedure are bleeding, scarring, and infection.

Always follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions. It is important for the success of your surgery.

It is also important that your incisions are not subjected to any external forces during the recovery period.

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