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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

Submitted by: Lisa Ortega

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way and in today s modern medical world, there are many options for those who seek to change some physical characteristic which makes them feel uncomfortable with their appearance. There are often issues related to comfort that go beyond appearance as well and cosmetic surgeons take these matters into consideration.

For those seeking eyelid surgery there are a number of trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons out there who can help. The growing demand for eyelid surgery has placed it as one of the more common requests for surgery on the face. Many people feel that lowered eyelids or eyes with excess fat and skin beneath make them appear groggy or sleepy. Often, eyelid surgery is performed to widen the eyes, brighten the eyes, and make patients appear more alert and awake. There are other reasons for surgery on the eyes, and it may be related to aesthetic desires but either way, cosmetic surgeons can discuss your options with you and go over any potential benefits and risks.


Eyelid surgery s technical name is blepharoplasty and can involve the upper eyelid or the lower. One of the most important aspects of the surgery is making sure that you have realistic expectations prior to surgery. Asymmetry is one common complaint which generally requires a follow up treatment to fix. However, it is important either way for the patient to discuss any risks and benefits with a trained and experienced plastic surgeon who can go over the possible risks and effects of this type of surgery. Post-surgery, the patient will need to follow the surgeon s care instructions very closely to prevent any painful or harmful side effects. It is best to avoid physical activities and strenuous movement after the surgery for about two weeks to help prevent the delicate skin near the eyes from tearing.

It is a good idea to have your ideal post surgical look in mind prior to surgery. You can discuss this with your surgeon to make sure that your desires are reasonable. It is typically not 100% possible to completely alter the genetic composition of the eye area. It can be altered to a certain extent but an extensive surgery in that area could pose problems since it is a delicate area which is used nearly 100% of the day. Blinking is a natural occurrence when the eyes are open and it is a good idea to understand how the site will heal and what is required of you to help facilitate that healing. There are a number of different options which a surgeon may use to operate on the eyes, depending on whether it is the upper or lower area of the eye to receive treatment. Discuss these options with a trusted surgeon to make sure that you have a good idea of your options and that you are fully aware of what the entire surgical process entails. This guarantees a more satisfactory appearance afterward as well as a more positive attitude going into the surgery.

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