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Deciding About Incision For Breast Surgery

Deciding About Incision for Breast Surgery



When thinking about breast augmentation, there are so many options you have to think about. The incisions location is one of the important factors, and it has to be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon. Every location had its advantages and disadvantages. There are four main incision locations, but there is no particular one that is said to be good for all.

The four incision locations are inframammary incision, transumbilical incision (TUBA), transaxillary incision (armpit), and periareolar incision. Together with your cosmetic surgeon, sit and discuss which option will be best suitable for you, depending on such factors as your body shape and some other individual needs.

In inframammary incision, the implants are placed just underneath the boobs; slightly above where the rib cage meets the boobs. Surgeons tend to favor this location as they are allowed easier access of creating an implant pocket; both under and above the muscle. Very small incisions can be used, with saline implants being favored to silicon ones, as they occupy less space. The advantage is that the surgeon has easy access to the breast, and even the smallest size of incision can be used. Disadvantage; a scar is always visible.


Trans-umbilical incision (TUBA) is where a J or C shaped incision is placed at the belly button. A camera is inserted, for the surgeon to follow the operation procedure on a screen. Very small instruments are inserted so as to create a path to the breast. Tissue expanders are used to create pockets for the implant. Using tuba, implants are placed under and over the muscle.

Saline implants are the only ones that can be used in TUBA though, as silicone ones cannot fit in the small incisions. Advantage is that patients who use this method are at a lower risk of infection. They will most likely also not lose the around the boobs sensation. The procedure doesn t leave a scar as well, with the incision well hidden. Disadvantage is that errors can easily be made due to the incision and implant distance.

Trans-axillary is where incisions are in the armpits. A path is then created to the chest. Doctors think it as the best incision type; as implants are placed only under the muscle. It is widely used as doctors easily place the implants. Advantage is that small incisions are used, and doctors have an easy time.

Periareolar incisions are created at and around the areola. It is best used in conjunction with other procedures e.g. boob lift. One major disadvantage is the possibility of losing nipple sensation, and infection as well. This may eventually cause you a problem during breast feeding. in Prague is a trusted name for all breast related treatments including cosmetic surgeries, Breast Implant,

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