How To Construct Amati Elizabethan Galleon Revenge?

Ship modeling is an absorbing hobby. Those who are looking for step by step guide on how to model a ship, then here have solved their purpose. In this article, we will be sharing a complete guide on how to construct Revenge, 1577 – Elizabethan Galleon.

The Elizabethan Navy Royal Warship Revenge was launched in 1577 and was known to build at Deptford. The Revenge ship was built following the directions of the Sir John Hawkins and it was supervised by the Master Shipwright- Matthew Baker. Revenge was known to be a new type of warship- Race Built Galleon”. Elizabethan Revenge was carried around by a crew of 250 men and was about 500 tones in weight. It was also believed that new race built galleons was not cut short by the Spanish galleons, but was equal or sometimes larger in size.

When you buy wooden ship kits like Elizabeth Revenge, you will get 19 sheet of plans and 96 pages of manual, which contains detailed step by step instructions, laser cut plywood, double planked hull construction, paper decorations, metal casted cannons and detailed photo etched brass parts. Before you start the construction process, you are supposed to read the construction plan and instructions thoroughly and pay attention to the construction sequence of assembly steps. You need to cut off individual parts from sheets very carefully using a sharp knife. When you glue the parts, check if they are fit together. You can make corrections if required before you glue them together. For gluing purposes, you can use water based white glue and for gluing resin or metal parts, you can use cyanoacrylate glue.

Most of the ship modelers make a mistake of taking up advanced models, when they are even not aware about the building process of the basic models. Though ship modeling is an enriching hobby, but it is expensive too. Therefore, before you make purchase any wooden ship kit, ensure you have skills, knowledge and patience to construct a ship. By involving your child in the ship modeling process, you can strengthen your relationship with him and also make him learn new things.

It can get difficult for you to find ship kits on the Internet, because not many models are easily found on the web. Therefore, you may require investing sometime in the research work. When you have done your homework, always purchase from the trusted ship manufacturers and sellers as there are number of fake distributors. Ship modeling is a creative hobby. Therefore, know your level and skills, before you purchase or think about making a purchase.

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