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One of the best alternatives to a cosmetic surgery is natural face lifts. It is always advisable to go the natural way before you make up your mind on a cosmetic face surgery as it helps facial muscles to be in shape and also brings about a tremendous decrease in the signs of aging. For best results minimum two times of the natural exercises is a must. In order to see more effective and sooner results application of tightening and firming face masks is advisable.

Exercises for Lips and Cheeks:

Keep yourself seated in a relaxed position, shut your mouth and clinch your teeth together. You will then have to smile much as possible with your lips shit for about a period of five minutes.


The next step for the natural Face Lift exercise is to keep moving the lips in a puckered position. Stretching of the lips wide for five seconds would boost the effect.

The facial muscles now need to be relaxed. You need to suck your cheeks in for about ten seconds to see more effective results.These face lifts exercises has to be regularly followed at least ten times a day. They work wonders to remove any fine line in the skin or under eye wrinkles. In no time you will notice that your facial muscles are all toned up.

Exercises for Eyes and Forehead:

You again need to be seated in a comfortable and relaxed position. Look up straight first then down as much as possible with your eyes rotation. This will have to be practiced ten times a day for faster results. Sit comfortably and look straight ahead with your eyes open. Look up as far as possible and then down as far as possible moving your eyes only. Repeat this natural face lift exercise ten times.

Then you need to move your head, first to the left and then right with your eyes moving but the head intact in one place. The same needs to be repeated again ten times in a day.

Follow this up with a frown. Bring your eyebrows together but keep them out you re your eyes as much as possible. The eyebrows have to be lifted as much as possible with the eyes open as wide as possible. You need to keep doing this for five second before releasing it. This step will have to be repeated ten times for effective results. These natural Face Lifts exercises will make you look younger without going through the hassles of a cosmetic surgery.

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